The year 2014 the company was launched.

Diamond In A Rough ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. is based in New York, New York, we are a record label and entertainment studio that fields the best talent for all your creative needs. Our team is different, authentic, and is never afraid to step out of the box in the name of music. We have a clear goal and vision in the music we make, and we are always delivering our work in new and unique ways.

Our goal is simple, to find the artists with the most unique sound. In other words, to find the diamond in the rough, literally! Our advanced team of sound engineers is different, authentic, and willing to take risks. Whether you’re into pop, R&B, hip-hop, EDM, jazz, what have you, you’ll find a friend at Diamond In A Rough. We’re fans of music in general, and it’s our belief that good music is good music.

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